Who I Am

My name is Elisa and I write primarily under the moniker E.V. accompanied by a multitude of surnames. I’ve never been interested in reading just one genre so it made sense to me to write as many as I read. However, there are antiquated ideas about genre mashing out there, hence the different names.

While my name might change from work to work, what makes me me as a writer and a person are pretty consistent. I graduated from the University of Calgary in 2013 with a BA (Honours) in English and a Creative Writing Concentration, both of which I acquired with the help of my Honours Thesis on Feminism and Canadian Identity. I wrote a short story cycle comprised of three pieces of literary short fiction covering the past 100 years of women’s lives in Canada.

In my final year of studies I was all set to continue on to grad school. I thought. A week before the scholarship deadlines I realized it was a week before the scholarship deadlines. That was like a blow to my solar plexus. Realizing how much work I had to complete if I was even to be seriously considered, I burst into tears.

I was done. Finally saying I didn’t want to get my masters at that point in time was liberating. Imagine Sisyphus being told he can stop rolling that rock uphill.

After saying adios to my graduate study plans, I stared down the path to my unknown future. I was terrified, but hopeful. I attended my first writing conference, When Words Collide, in August of 2013 and a significant creation was born of the experience. I co-founded Anxiety Ink, a community focused on writing and writing-related anxieties in which we help each other push through and keep at the craft.

My experience with Anxiety Ink spurred me to create E.V. Writes. Where writer-me gets to dominate the page on Anxiety, reader-me is truly thrilled to flex her muscles here. There’s obviously crossover on both sites since both parts of me and activities are closely related, but I’m working hard to better define E.V. Writes.

Since graduating, I have been able to embrace my love of fantasy stories. My determination to find a place in the genre was realized in part with the publication of my short story “Small Victories” in the anthology What Follows. I’m still working hard to find my fantasy voice.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of years and I’m finally getting settled. Balancing the day job, writing, blogging, family, and friends is hard but worthwhile. I do my best to give each the attention it deserves.

I hope you enjoy following along!