Hiatus Announcement

Hi everyone,

I’ve been struggling recently with the decision to take a brief hiatus from EV Writes, which is why this post is so late this week. I’ve been grasping at straws in terms of content for a while now and I’m currently juggling so much that I have not been able to give the site the attention I would like.

That said, I’ve been thinking diligently about rebranding. I’ll be back in January with more to offer and a fresh perspective.

I hope to see you then!

Interesting Finds

I’ve got an eclectic mix this month, but there is a woman-centric theme pervading. Enjoy!

I’m not the best appreciator of abstract art, but I love the idea behind this gallery and the shared pieces are thought provoking and utterly female.

One, I love makeup. Two, I wax and shave. Three, I do all of that for me. Yes, I initially started performing those rituals because I felt compelled to conform to the standards pushed on me. Now though? It’s for me and only me.

This. All of this. About women, selfishness, and how we’re expected to do everything.

I couldn’t agree more with this article. A lack of seeing people comfortable in their own skins when they don’t fit conventional beauty standards (terms I truly hate) left me with terrible body issues.

In Canada, and elsewhere outside the U.S., it’s easy to forget there’s something else insidious in the White House.

Obviously, I’m over this bullshit that is spewing out of Hollywood. Every man that says, “I didn’t know,” or, “I heard rumours and I should have done more,” fills me with boiling rage. We need more Cate Blanchetts who say:

“We all like looking sexy, but it doesn’t mean we want to fuck you.”

I’m a huge dystopian junkie. And I’m really pro birth control. How I did not put these two together prior to this speaks volumes about cultural influence.

Revisiting Boredom

Way back in April, I wrote a post about how awful boredom is. At the time, there was no aspect of my life that I didn’t find boring. It’s October, and things have changed, but I’m still terribly bored at the day job. A few things have happened recently due in large part to my apathy and lack of focus that have ensured I am much more mentally present at work. Not that I’m still not hunting for a job that challenges my creative abilities.

Anyway, I’m revisiting boredom today because I came upon a topic from Linked-in that caught my attention. It wasn’t one of their standard articles (which I find hit and miss), but a forum. The topic was about the lack of boredom people face and how that translates into a lack of creativity.

Previously, I made my thoughts on boredom fairly clear: it’s malignant as far as I’m concerned. While my opinion hasn’t changed thanks to the forum, I did come to a realization. I don’t think that person was talking about boredom; I think that person was talking about downtime.

Since my courses began, and admittedly long before that, I have had next to zero downtime. Comparatively, I have been lacking on the creative front for a while. I can’t remember the last time I sat back, relaxed, and let my brain wander. I am so often in a state of angst where feel I need to be doing something or getting somewhere that I can never just be. No wonder I’m exhausted.

Years ago, one of my history professors brought this up in terms of generational thinking and practices. When he was in university, students had the opportunity to go out together after class and discuss what they’d learned–to absorb and explore it that way. Nowadays, most students have to rush to their part time job or their next class, or work on their next assignment. There’s no time to sit and think. Even as a society we’ve turned into this impatient mass that has to get somewhere as quickly as possible to get something done. It’s very mentally unhealthy.

I can’t see any time for downtime in my near future, which is a shame, but it’s something I want to stay aware of. I’m terrible at setting aside time for myself, but I’m starting to see the toll it’s taking on every facet of my life. I don’t like it.

What are your thoughts on downtime and boredom?

A Return to a Bad Reading Habit: Anxiety and Comfort in the Known

I have struggled long and hard to come up with a post topic for today. It’s too late the night before and I’m just beginning to type. This is why I don’t last minute things. I finally thought of a topic, and as I mulled it over in my mind it seemed familiar. I flipped through my old posts and what do you know, I’ve tackled it before.

That’s never a good sign.

Specifically, I wanted to talk about getting stuck in books you know. While rereading my post, A Bad Reading Habit: Anxiety and Comfort in the Known, I had to cringe. Why? One, I’ve fallen off the wagon yet again and keep picking up books I know off the shelf instead of getting new ones finished. Two, months ago I started doing the same thing with my regular TV shows. This particular habit I hadn’t realized until last week when my mom tried to turn on a season premiere and I tensed from head to toe and nearly starting yelling at her. Can you say over-reaction? I was floored.

The good news, if there is any, is that compared to when I wrote the first post, my social life has improved. Actually, my social life has exploded. The day job life has semi-imploded. I’m not sleeping well. My exercise routines are constantly interrupted. And I am struggling to balance coursework with writing and the day job.

I’ve been making a lot of big changes in my personal life recently and making big plans. Obviously, these things are major sources of anxiety for me. I’m not dealing with them properly because they’re bleeding over into other facets of my life in strange ways. Who has a panic attack over TV?

Granted, the world around us is not helping me feel better. Yesterday (as I type this) over 50 people were killed at a concert. Two young women were stabbed to death. And a cop was struck by a car and stabbed by a perpetrator who then ran a truck into pedestrians on a sidewalk. That last one was very close to home. I won’t even get into climate change and starving animals being destroyed or anything else.

It’s difficult to feel hopeful in these times. It’s difficult to motivate myself to look forward and work towards the future. I find I’m very emotional lately and dealing with even fictional surprises seems to be more than I can handle on a regular basis.

That’s the end of my whining. I guess I’m sad today. I’m going to give myself a break and allow myself to revel in the safe and familiar when things get bad. But I’m not allowed to hide there.

Interesting Finds

As usual, I am all over the place with the items I’ve culled from the internet. But there’s gold here. Enjoy!

This kid dropping the mic on hate fills me with hope for the future.

I can’t decide if I’m inspired to sign with a portrait like these other writers or not. I’ll practice.

I know it’s the end of September and Harvey the storm is behind the people of Texas (not to negate any long term effects, mind you), but the Post put up this fascinating infographic—see what you’d be standing in if your city was hit by Harvey-level water. I’d be standing in 1.4’ of water. My previous address would be under 6.6’.

Prepare to drool over these bookstores. I’m equally saddened and relieved one isn’t close to me. I’d never leave.

I will never be accused of being an optimist. Honestly, it’s always wrung hollow for me. I’m a realist, a pragmatist. This article helps explains why I feel that way, and I’m on board for new optimism.

This woman led historical house tours on a plantation—some of the comments she heard from people trying to explain away slavery and racism had every hair on my body standing up in rage. But it’s still worth the read!

Everything you ever wanted to know about medieval manuscripts. When I’m rich and famous I will have one!