A Year of Reading Women

I want to start my post today by apologizing for missing the first Tuesday of this month and not writing until now. The shift from April to May caught me a bit off guard and I did not manage my time well. Life got a little bit hectic and I couldn’t seem to get it done.

As I type, I realize we’re already in the 20th week of 2017. Is there a better time to initiate a reading challenge? Probably, but I’m doing it anyway! I would love for people to join me, yet I also want to see if I can personally do it. From my title, you have likely figured out that I want to read books written exclusively by female authors this year.

Honestly, barring book club picks by other members and assigned reading for my courses, I don’t think this will be a difficult challenge. I read stories written mostly by women anyway; looking at my bookshelves it’s an easy 3:1 ratio. However, with recent events around the world concerning women and those who identify as female, I want to make a point of it.

And I won’t be reading just fiction because obviously women write much more than that. I’ll be adding poetry, drama, essays, memoirs, and all the other good stuff out there. Too readily, certain governments and individuals with power are trying to silence the women who don’t agree with them. I might not be anyone important, but this shall be one of my means of resistance.

I was reluctant for all of a minute to take up this challenge. The only reason: one of my favourite authors, Guy Gavriel Kay, will be a guest of honour at When Words Collide this year and I had wanted to read all of his books I currently own. At this point, all I can do is shrug –they’ve sat there for years and a few more months won’t hurt them, or me.

So, as I look above my laptop screen at my calendar called “Women Reading,” I shall admire the artwork then shove my nose in a few more books. I hope you join me!

Interesting Finds

I’ve decided to change things up a bit and post my Interesting Finds segment on the last Tuesday of the month regardless of whether it’s the fifth one or not. I come across so many interesting articles during the month I’d love to share anyway so this won’t be a hardship for me.



Recently, a member of my book club discussed possibly reading a book by Lionel Shriver. And an anthology I just finished (and LOVED), contained a story by her. It makes me made that she’s a good writer because I have issues with how she uses her platform. Why? Read this response by a POC who walked out on her speech at the Brisbane writers festival.

Here is Shriver’s whole speech.

And here is an excellent discussion of both of those links by Jim C. Hines.

Moving on, have you heard of the Lone Stars Program? Basically, it’s Librarians making (awesome) book lists. Here are their next great reads.

If you don’t have Pinterest (why don’t you?), you’ll have to print this last one. It’s a reading challenge for 2017 that might help you expand your reading life. If you go to the actual website you can print the graphic for the 26 or 52 book challenge. I printed the 52!