Interesting Finds

As usual, I am all over the place with the items I’ve culled from the internet. But there’s gold here. Enjoy!

This kid dropping the mic on hate fills me with hope for the future.

I can’t decide if I’m inspired to sign with a portrait like these other writers or not. I’ll practice.

I know it’s the end of September and Harvey the storm is behind the people of Texas (not to negate any long term effects, mind you), but the Post put up this fascinating infographic—see what you’d be standing in if your city was hit by Harvey-level water. I’d be standing in 1.4’ of water. My previous address would be under 6.6’.

Prepare to drool over these bookstores. I’m equally saddened and relieved one isn’t close to me. I’d never leave.

I will never be accused of being an optimist. Honestly, it’s always wrung hollow for me. I’m a realist, a pragmatist. This article helps explains why I feel that way, and I’m on board for new optimism.

This woman led historical house tours on a plantation—some of the comments she heard from people trying to explain away slavery and racism had every hair on my body standing up in rage. But it’s still worth the read!

Everything you ever wanted to know about medieval manuscripts. When I’m rich and famous I will have one!