Come, Thou Tortoise

There is no such thing at the perfect book. There just isn’t. But if there were, Come, Thou Tortoise might be it.

I can’t even tell you why I think this because I will give away all the secrets! I’ll just say that as far as complicated families, mourning, coming home, finding yourself, and talking tortoises go, this book covers them flawlessly.

It made me laugh with its play on words and eccentric narrator. It made me cry because it covers the human condition so well. Pick this book up. You won’t regret it.


Prince of ThornsPrince of Thorns opens up Jorge’s world, The Broken Empire, to readers. And what a messed up world it is. I LOVED these books. I devoured them in one or two sittings because I could not put them down. That said, they appeal to a very specific readership. If you can’t take senseless violence or overt misogyny in characters, this book is not for you. The series is not for you, even though the women questions and issues are somewhat balanced out as the narrator matures.

Somewhat. Lawrence is not for soft readers.

The Broken Empire Trilogy is a high fantasy epic concentrated into three relatively short reads that make your pulse pound to the last page and beyond. The ending still resonates with me and when I think of the each book very specific scenes flash graphically in my mind. Some I would rather not see, but each was integral to the story and Jorge’s development.

As anti-heroes go, Jorge and Lawrence could school the best of them. I learned a lot about character complexity and guilt with this series.


BittenArmstrong and her Women of the Otherworld series are two of the reasons why I am honing my skills in the dark fantasy genre. Before her I didn’t even know dark fantasy was a thing. This thirteen book series, plus five short story collections, novellas, and other short stories set in the Otherworld, make it a commitment, but it’s well worth it. Seriously.

Bitten introduced me to werewolves outside of Hollywood movies and romance that faced adversity I had never seen before. Since meeting Elena and the pack I’ve never been able to let them go.

If you like dark, knitty-gritty stories with a touch of violence and women who always figure a way out of a jam, these books will speak to you like they continue to speak to me.


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