Reading Recommendations

As fundamental as writing is to my psyche, I couldn’t live without reading. Lest the apocalypse arrive and make me choose between the two, I have a mostly healthy balance going on with them. Just don’t ask about my TBR shelf.

That said, how could I not have lists of writerly-advice type texts and for-the-love-of-reading books to share?

I just have a quick note about both lists: I won’t rate the books I present. And I don’t intend anything I share to qualify as a reader’s review either. That second part is kind of confusing because obviously I’m sharing my thoughts so I’m reviewing it, right? Nope! If a book touches a cord with me I can’t help but share the parts I connected with because I think people with similar tastes will also like and/or learn something from it.

I am not reviewing. Period. This is basic courtesy among writers. If I can’t give all books a five star rating and a rave review I won’t give anyone anything.