Interesting Finds #2

Look at that, it’s the fifth Tuesday of the month which means it’s time for Interesting Finds.

I haven’t been doing much research lately, but I have been on the hunt for post inspiration. Beyond that, there have just been a lot of things that have caught my attention around the internet.


Prison tattoos tell a fascinating tale of their wearer, possibly none more so than those of Russian prisoners:

I truly believe art is integral to existence, at least an existence that matters. This is the best defence of literary discourse I’ve ever heard:

It’s one of those great tragedies that great works fall to obscurity:

I love sharks. I love volcanoes. What’s not to love about sharks in volcanoes?

I don’t know if these are the best feminist quotes of 2015, but they’re still pretty great. #6 takes it for me.

People might not be highly aware but paleontology and archaeology are strong in Alberta.

I find part of myself is being called to Appalachia. Must be an Irish thing.

That’s all for now, folks!


*Featured image source: Cocoon by Internets_dairy via Flickr

Interesting Finds

Every so often each month there happens to be a fifth Tuesday. I write posts for the first and third of each month, but wanted to do something for the occasional anomalies. Thus Interesting Finds was born.

There won’t be a whole lot of continuity on the fifth Tuesdays, I’m just going to share informative and/or interesting articles I come across over the month(s). Some will be research and project specific, others might be totally devoted to writing, and others might simply amuse me.

At the very least Interesting Finds will give you a good glimpse at the inner workings of my mind, and show you just how nerdy I am. And I hope you get something creative out of it.


A Science Daily article about how farming changed the human genome:

There is widespread evidence that chimps are in the middle of their own stone age:

A Science Daily article on how snakes lost their legs:

Things about Robert Louis Stevenson everyone was dying to know:

Women have the green light in the military!