Interesting Finds

I have been all over the internet this month, so there’s a lot to share. Enjoy!

Have you ever wondered what those schoolyard bullies turn into? I’ve had to deal with a Regina type. Funny when she left how everyone at my job started getting along a lot better.

It’s hokey but true: a picture is worth a thousand words. What words come to your mind when you see all these male authored books flipped backwards?

If you’re a language nerd, like me, check out these 10 things about the Englihs language.

I am a naturally negative person. I simply have trouble seeing the bright side of things. But I’m willing to try a few of these 10 things to make my life better.

This infuriates me. Good thing Angela Merkel has a better hold on her temper than me.

If you don’t know the horrifying events happening in Chechnya right now, this is an important read. It makes me sick to my stomach.

And if that got a fire burning under you, here are 8 calls to action so you can help.

I’m finding this world a difficult place to exist in right now. It’s hard to believe what humans do to each other. All any of us can do is stay positive, stay informed, and help in any way we can.

Interesting Finds

Since March is a woman-focused month, what with International Women’s Day happening on the 8th, I decided this was a great excuse to be women- and feminist-focused myself. Please enjoy these great reads.

This professor took her students to see the inimitable Roxanne Gay in person. If you haven’t read anything by Gay, you need to remedy that. I loved Bad Feminist, and I’ll be reading Difficult Women very soon.

I really really like Roxanne Gay. And Simon and Schuster not so much right now.

I genuinely detest any person who thinks they get to have a say over another’s body, so I won’t get started on certain laws in certain places. I hope this particular Viagra law goes far so that the unenlightened members of society understand how intrusive those certain laws are.

Feminists have boobs?! In all seriousness, though, this is ridiculous about Emma Watson.

And before we place Watson on a pedestal, here are two posts you should read. This and this

This list about the emotional labour people expect of women –even other women– really hit home with me.

And lastly, this article on white feminism and the movie Get Out underscores why all feminists need to be intersectional.


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Interesting Finds

I both hate and love a short month. It goes by fast, but it also goes by really fast! I hope you had an excellent February and you didn’t get too cold. If you’re huddling under blankets trying to thaw, reading these tidbits will give you an excuse to stay there.

Did you know that February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month? One author, Shannon M. Parker, is doing a lot more than writing about teen dating violence in her efforts to educate and  prevent it. This one hits home for me since my mom has worked for nearly 15 years at a school devoted to teaching life skills to pregnant and parenting teenage girls. The stories I’ve heard from that place would curdle your insides.

This discussion, sparked by Peggy Orenstein’s new book, Girls and Sex, doesn’t skew very far from the previous topic since it all feeds the same monster. I’m not against porn, but I’m against an industry that uses women the way mainstream porn does.

This one is old, but still relevant in the wake of Trump’s travel ban attempt. Plus, Indigenous women’s issues are still not being taken seriously.

I’m ending on a positive note. Did you know there’s evidence that chimps have entered their own stone age? I recently finished reading Jane Goodall’s first book, In the Shadow of Man, and it has rekindled my love of primatology.

Ciao until next month!


*Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and decide to purchase an item I’ve mentioned I will receive a small commission from the seller at no extra cost to you. All funds are put back into E.V. Writes. Thank you in advance for your support.

Interesting Finds #4


It’s the fifth Tuesday of November which means it’s time for Interesting Finds! I had intended to be nose deep in NaNo, so these were selected well ahead of time. Heck, then I didn’t know the outcome of the American Presidential Election. How times have changed in a month!

The world has been watching the election so some selections below are politically influenced. Others are a nice reprieve from politics.


I had no idea it was so difficult to land on Mars.

This one makes me sad and mad. Letters by women about sexual harassment in the 1970s SHOULD NOT sound like they could be written today.

Wonder Woman is pretty great but I roll my eyes at this one.

This is just awesome. Thanks NASA!

I know Third Wavers are a bit snarky when it comes to Second Wavers, but this is ridiculous. You can’t fight for honesty and not be political.

Cats really rule the world.

Did you know forced marriage is just as pervasive in the western half of the globe?

I’ll wrap it up with some tongue in cheek nonthreatening leadership strategies for women.

Interesting Finds #3

It’s the fifth Tuesday of August which means it’s time for Interesting Finds!

I haven’t been doing research this month but I have come across a number of eye catching headlines that have gotten the gears turning.


Some writing habits I really need to take to heart and couldn’t endorse more.

Wow. Just wow. And people can say –with straight faces– that it isn’t difficult to be a female politician?

I love this.

This is about the Dallas shooting, so be warned, but it will actually have you believing in the good of humanity.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, the Gilmore Girls is being revived! I grew up watching the women of Stars Hollow, and after reading this post I am somewhat floored by how much my beliefs about women was influenced by the show.

Things we all should know about Lucille Ball.

See you next time.