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I both hate and love a short month. It goes by fast, but it also goes by really fast! I hope you had an excellent February and you didn’t get too cold. If you’re huddling under blankets trying to thaw, reading these tidbits will give you an excuse to stay there.

Did you know that February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month? One author, Shannon M. Parker, is doing a lot more than writing about teen dating violence in her efforts to educate and  prevent it. This one hits home for me since my mom has worked for nearly 15 years at a school devoted to teaching life skills to pregnant and parenting teenage girls. The stories I’ve heard from that place would curdle your insides.

This discussion, sparked by Peggy Orenstein’s new book, Girls and Sex, doesn’t skew very far from the previous topic since it all feeds the same monster. I’m not against porn, but I’m against an industry that uses women the way mainstream porn does.

This one is old, but still relevant in the wake of Trump’s travel ban attempt. Plus, Indigenous women’s issues are still not being taken seriously.

I’m ending on a positive note. Did you know there’s evidence that chimps have entered their own stone age? I recently finished reading Jane Goodall’s first book, In the Shadow of Man, and it has rekindled my love of primatology.

Ciao until next month!


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