CSI: A Fangirl’s Dissatisfaction and An Artist’s Promise

I need to start off by confessing that I watch a lot of TV. Like, a lot. It’s absolutely a guilty pleasure in my life, but I swear it helps me maintain my sanity. I know I would probably get more accomplished in life if I didn’t fill my evenings with time spent in front of the glowing screen. Alas.

CSI Brass and GrissomMany of these hours have been spent watching CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. When it comes to CSI, there are two people: those who love CSI and those who hate CSI. Regardless of what camp you fall in to, my post has something for you. Maybe.

This is also my mini-rant because I have nowhere else to share my thoughts.

Last weekend, on September 27th, the final episode of CSI aired. Shows end. I get that. There was absolutely no warning from the end of the season finale in spring to this September. I don’t follow TV show blogs and I did not see any previews, so I was really in the dark. I can get over that, but this alone was enough to upsets me because I’m really emotionally attached to the characters and the world. It’s not so much the loss of the show as the fantasy. I think any reader can understand where I’m coming from here in this regard. I had no time to learn the information about the absolute end, process it, and come to terms with it before I had to watch the episode.

You might think I’m overreacting, but you have to understand just how long I’ve been watching CSI. I’ve beenCSI Catherine and Grissom watching since the very beginning. I was 9 years old in 2000, but I remember sitting in the living room with my parents and brother watching the “Pilot” episode with its eerie green tinge and overworked forensic perspective. Those two aspects are what I fell in love with. And the science.

I’ve seen every episode over the past fifteen years. That’s fifteen years of me faithfully entering this world of crime and following the lives of the people who populate it. That’s investment.

What’s worse than an abrupt ending though, what I am legitimately angry about, is what a crappy ending the network powers-that-be created for CSI. I was up all night after watching it because I was so frustrated.

CSI DaveI warn you, there will be spoilers.

First off, the premise of the episode that brought all the major characters back into play, Grissom, Brass, Catherine, and Lady Heather, was so tenuous at best that I felt slightly insulted. Things only got worse.

There’s a love triangle, a ridiculous one, between Sarah, Grissom, and Lady Heather that was once again put into play despite the fact that Sarah and Grissom have married and divorced and the fact that Grissom has never been attracted to Lady Heather in a romantic sense. But how could the writers pass up a chance to make Sarah such a jealous nag? It was infuriating to watch her constantly snap like a little girl who’s pigtails were pulled.

Then, none of the current actors of the show were given much air time at all. I know they pulled in the big guns, but these people who have carried the show without them deserved more. And at the end we discovered one was dead via CSI Greg anda memorial plaque that was being placed in a box by another character along with a token mention. It wasn’t even explicit that she’d died.

Beyond all of that, the investigation was barely given any attention. Leads and crime fighting were spottily followed and there was absolutely no discussion or closure at the end which is very much a part of the CSI formula. At one point a third person died and we were never told who it was, why they were where they were, or how that tied in the eventual capture of the main culprit.

But to top off the heaping pile of BS, the story ended with Sarah and Grissom riding on his boat out into the sunset. I should mention this happened roughly five or six seasons back. Both of them quit the crime lab and took off together for happily ever after. Then Sarah came back, still married to Grissom, but wanting to be a part of the crime solution again. Eventually the long distance killed their relationship and it ended in a quiet divorce.

CSI Marcy, Hodgins, GrissomHowever, because they both realized how much they missed each other in this episode, doing the EXACT SAME THING made perfect sense. They talked through none of their problems of course repeating history would be the ultimate solution. My inner hopeless romantic fool couldn’t even swallow that. I won’t even get into how irate I am over them having a woman give up her career AGAIN because the man wants to pursue something else.

I feel robbed. The entire two hour story was fraught with basic plot problems and ended on such a bad note that I still have a sour taste in my mouth. I just want to know how the show’s producers and the TV powers-that-be could do that to their fans. I’m insulted. To the bone.CSI Nick and Russell

So here’s my promise: I will never, ever wrap up any story or series that I write this badly. If I can take away nothing else positive from this nightmare of a series finale, that is it. I promise any fans I may ever have that they will only be angry that the story is over, not that it ended on such flimsy, mediocre legs.

Thanks for bearing with me if you’ve made it to this point. Have you finished any TV or book series that left you dissatisfied?


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2 Responses to CSI: A Fangirl’s Dissatisfaction and An Artist’s Promise

  1. Emerald says:

    The script was terribly done. The case was weak. But to me, the biggest travesty or tragedy was to have this once mighty series’ finale revolved around a plot device character, Lady (I am supposed to be called Dr. Kessler) Heather! What did she ever do to warrant this treatment? If I couldn’t have Wendy back, then, I’d rather to see more of the regulars, like Greg, Doc, Brass and Hodges! Also, why couldn’t they have the decency to pay a bit tribute to the past characters by way of flashback? Why was it so hard to mention Nick and Warrick? Why let this disposable character take the precious screen times from the regulars? I think Jerry Bruckheimer owes CSI fans an honest explanation why he insisted on having Melinda Clarke back and Anthony Zuiker owes the fans an honest answer why he gave in to JB’s demand!

    They trotted out this puffy-faced Lady Heather and tried to wrap her up as part of the love triangle that simply never was! Grissom might have enjoyed a one night stand, at no charge, mind you, with her back in S3. But it’s no reason to make her the center piece of CSI finale. I would have welcome her back had they made her either the killer or the mastermind behind the bombings!

    That being said, I do feel bad for how this strong ex-dominatrix was treated in the series finale. She came off as cold, calculating and manipulative. They even further humiliated her to make her sit through Grissom’s ‘confession’ in the interrogation room! It’s a wonder of wonders she didn’t try to strangle Grissom with her bare hands!

    Well, Catherine and Sara didn’t fare any better, either. So, yes. I am so disappointed the way they handled these three female characters! They didn’t do them justice at all.

    Poor Grissom was regressed back to the ‘don’t-know-what-to-do-about-this’ old version from the early seasons. Why? What happened to the life lessons this man had learned? Did he suffer some sort of head injury from the whipping and chaining when he spent the night at the Dominion?

    If the show couldn’t get our beloved characters right, then, what’s left for us to care about?

    • elisa1991 says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! The treatment of Lady Heather was appalling, all the depth they gave her over so many seasons was obliterated in this excuse for an episode.

      And I apologize for seeing your comment so late! Thank you for commenting :).

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